Mosaico Tiling Window Manager Features

A tiling window manager is a tool that helps you arranging windows on your computer screen. Mosaico also allows you to save and restore desktop layouts. Discover why Mosaico is probably the best tiling window manager available for Windows™.

What is Mosaico?

Mosaico is a tiling window manager that makes it possible to tile windows on your desktop so that they cover the entire screen. Mosaico saves the desktop layout in a “snapshot” and can restore it later.

How can Mosaico help me?

A tiling window manager such as Mosaico is very useful when you have more than one application at a time on the desktop. For example if you are getting info from two web pages or if you need many explorer windows open on different paths, just tile that windows and save a desktop layout using Mosaico Tiling Window Manager. You can restore different desktop layouts anytime.
This saves a lot of time, keeping you focused and improving your productivity.


  • Easily create desktop layouts by dragging windows
  • Restore a desktop layout with a single click
  • Save up to 8 desktop layouts
  • Automatically launch all apps in a desktop layout
  • Multi-monitor support
  • 3D view of available desktop layouts
  • Automatic and manual windows arrangement
  • Global keyboard shortcuts for fast tiling
  • Minimize to tray bar or to screen edge
  • Editable desktop layouts
  • Available on Windows™ 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3

Tile windows by simply dragging them. Drag&Go window tiling is what makes Mosaico easy to use compared to other similar utilities. You just press the pencil button and simply drag windows on the desktop. Then the possible positions will be displayed on the screen. When you find the right desktop position just release the window and it will be placed there. No editing needed, no forced choices, you just drag and go. Save and restore desktop layouts. You can save position and size of the windows on the desktop in a layout. You can save up to 8 desktop layouts and restore any of them anytime. For example you can set up a “web browsing” desktop layout and a “document comparison” desktop layout and easily switch between them. Saved desktop layouts are shown in a 3D picture-flow view and are easy to find and restore.
Let Mosaico automatically tile windows for you. Mosaico can automatically tile windows using a context-sensitive algorithm. Every application on the desktop is arranged so that the entire screen is covered. Bigger windows are given more space. Desktop layouts are available when Windows™ restarts. Desktop layouts are persistent. This means that they are automatically saved to disk when you create them. Even if you close Mosaico or restart Windows ™, desktop layouts will be immediately available. Also, if applications of a desktop layout are not running, Mosaico will launch them automatically. So you can set up your “work” desktop layout and be ready in few seconds after you power up your PC.
Fast window tiling and keyboard shortcuts. Mosaico Tiling Window Manager not only improves ease of use, but also speed. You can tile windows quickly by using the control panel on the left. Tiled windows will be sent to the part of the screen pictured on the buttons (top-left, bottom-right, and so on). You can also use global keyboard shortcuts to be even faster. Just press CTRL+ALT+KEYPAD button to tile windows using the keyboard. Multi-screen support. Since Mosaico Tiling Window Manager is all about improving the way you use screen space, multi monitor setups are fully supported. You can drag & go over multiple monitors, save desktop layouts of multiple monitors, send a window across multiple monitors, etc. Windows will be resized to fit the old position in the new monitor. This is particularly useful when you have different monitor resolutions, for example a monitor in landscape mode and the other one in portrait mode.