A new version of Mosaico is available! (1.7.1)

A new version of Mosaico is available for download at http://www.soulidstudio.com/downloads/mosaico_setup.exe.

This new 1.7.1 version is a maintenance release that improves performance and fixes a lot of bugs while retaining all the new features introduced with version 1.7.0.

The main changes in 1.7.1 are:

  • Better performance.
  • All layouts icons are displayed while arranging.
  • Fixed lag problems.
  • Central layout slightly enlarged.
  • Bug fixes

1.7.0 changes:

  • A quick guide to get yourself started with Mosaico.
  • New windows layouts.
  • A “tabify” button.
  • Buttons labels.
  • Snapshots counter.
  • Improved performance.
  • Bug fixes.

If you already own a license you can upgrade for free. Just uninstall your current version, reboot your computer and install this new 1.7.1 version.

If you have already tried Mosaico in the past but your copy has expired, you can download this new version for an extended 14-days trial period!

Mosaico is also available on Valve’s digital store Steam! You can find it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/257650/

Enjoy your copy of Mosaico and please feel free to contact us info@soulidstudio.com.