A new Mosaico update is available (

Hi there!

Mosaico 1.8.4.X versions had a huge adoption rate and a spike in downloads. Thank you!

Some users have reported issues, mainly due to the new inter-process-communication (IPC) module. The new IPC offers a new level of compatibility with apps, but it’s a lot less road-tested compared to the previous 6 years old module.

This version fixes some bugs and improves general speed:

Fixed a bug with overlay appearing erratically during normal operations with MS Office and others.
Fixed a bug with transparency not being set correctly.
Fixed a bug with “Always on top” option not working sometimes.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Small tweaking of user interface.
General performance improvement.
As usual you can wait for Mosaico to auto-update, or you can go to www.soulidstudio.com/download/ to manually download the new version.

If you own Mosaico on Steam your copy should be automatically updating soon. Please remember that you can run your Steam copy without running the Steam client itself. You can also use the license key provided by Steam to register the retail version!

You can buy Mosaico on Steam at this URL: http://store.steampowered.com/app/257650/

If your trial has already expired, please feel free to contact us to require a trial extension!