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Mosaico is available!

Hi there! Mosaico is available for download. This version is a maintenance release and introduces 16 new layout elements to divide your screen 4×4, and minor fixes related to installation and quick guide.  You can go to www.soulidstudio.com/download/ to download the new version for free, or to www.soulidstudio.com/buy/ to get your PRO license and […]

Mosaico is available!

Hi there! Mosaico is available for download. This version is a maintenance release and introduces minor fixes related to installations over a network. A lot of behind the scenes work has been going on lately, so expect general performance and compatibility improvements now, and a lot of great news very soon. This version changes the way […]

A new Mosaico update is available (

Hi there! Mosaico 1.8.4.X versions had a huge adoption rate and a spike in downloads. Thank you! Some users have reported issues, mainly due to the new inter-process-communication (IPC) module. The new IPC offers a new level of compatibility with apps, but it’s a lot less road-tested compared to the previous 6 years old module. […]

New Mosaico is available now! (

Hi there! I’m happy to announce that a new update of Mosaico is available right now at www.soulidstudio.com! This version brings some cool new features and a lot of performance and compatibility improvements. Here’s a brief list of changes: New “Borderless Windows” feature. If you are into gaming, it is now possible to run […]

Introducing Mosaico Free Edition (and new

Hi there! One of the best satisfactions of this job is to hear from you about how Mosaico is useful in your everyday work. How it has changed the way you organize your daily activities at the computer. Your feedback is fundamental. It drives the development and motivates my collaborators and me to do a great […]

Mosaico new version is available!

Automatic snapshot restoring and auto updates A new release of Mosaico is available for download at www.soulidstudio.com. A brief list of changes in this new version New feature to automatically restore a snapshot when Windows starts. New feature to replace current snapshot with a new one. This saves you from manually deleting current snapshot. Automatic updates. […]

A new version of Mosaico is available! (1.7.1)

A new version of Mosaico is available for download at http://www.soulidstudio.com/downloads/mosaico_setup.exe. This new 1.7.1 version is a maintenance release that improves performance and fixes a lot of bugs while retaining all the new features introduced with version 1.7.0. The main changes in 1.7.1 are: Better performance. All layouts icons are displayed while arranging. Fixed lag […]