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A new version of Mosaico released!

Mosaico edit feature

Mosaico edit feature

We just released a new version of Mosaico, our tiling window manager for Windows! This 1.5.0 includes new features such as snapshot editing, full compatibility with Windows 8, a bunch of bug fixing and more. Thank you for your feedback and for being so supportive!
Don’t forget to try the new version here http://www.soulidstudio.com/downloads/mosaico_setup.exe

Here is a list of changes in the latest release:
– Snapshot editing: now it is possible to activate/deactivate/remove an app in each snapshot.
– Windows 8 full compatibility.
– New options: start minimized, disable tray messages etc.
– Bug fixes.

Enjoy your copy of Mosaico and please feel free to drop us a message at info@soulidstudio.com.