New Mosaico release is available! (

A new release of Mosaico is available for download at

This new version has some new features that are useful if you use Mosaico on more than one computer or in a work/home network:

– New feature to import and export snapshots. Save your snapshots on a file and load them on another PC to have the same work environment.
– New feature to import and export settings. Export your settings to another computer or just save more than one profile to use on the same PC.
– Change settings folder. You can set Mosaico to store snapshots and settings in a folder of your choice. For example a shared folder over a network.
– Fixed a bug where recycled windows handles may cause restored windows to be swapped.
– Added an installation option to select data folder when installing.
A new web setup file is available, that is much lighter to download. Old offline installer is still available.

To update your copy of Mosaico please:

uninstall your current version;
reboot your PC (please do this! Otherwise you may end up with an unclean installation);
install the new version.

If you own Mosaico on Steam your copy should be automatically updating.

If you don’t own a license of Mosaico yet, you can try this new version for an additional 14 days period!

The new licensing system that will open a lot of new possibilities for bringing Mosaico to your company is almost finished, please stay tuned! If you own Mosaico on Steam this system will allow you to run Mosaico without running Steam client.