New Mosaico is available now! (

Hi there!

I’m happy to announce that a new update of Mosaico is available right now at!

This version brings some cool new features and a lot of performance and compatibility improvements. Here’s a brief list of changes:

  • New “Borderless Windows” feature. If you are into gaming, it is now possible to run your games fullscreen in a borderless window. This means easier ALT+TABing out of gaming window and complete multi-monitor support.
  • New “Mouse Locking” feature. You can lock mouse pointer to your borderless windows. Handy when a game requires interaction near the screen edges.
  • WIN key is now a global shortcut modifier. You can also select from 0 to 4 modifiers (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, WIN) to optimally configure your favorite shortcuts.
  • Improved compatibility. Mosaico now works fine with Acrobat Reader, VLC, Ninja Trader, JRiver and many others, thanks to a completely rewritten inter process communication schema.
  • Many bug fixes and improved speed. Fixed a crash when dragging windows across multiple screens in Windows 10. Fixed several other smaller issues.

Mosaico should be automatically updating soon to the latest version. You can also update manually by visiting .

If you own Mosaico on Steam your copy should be automatically updating soon. Please remember that you can run your Steam copy without running the Steam client itself. You can also use the license key provided by Steam to register the retail version!

You can buy Mosaico on Steam at this URL:

If your trial has already expired, please feel free to contact us to require a trial extension!