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    When I drag an app window, Mosaico is supposed to show me all the possible layouts as an overlay, the one I’m selecting in red when I hover the app window over the layout proxy, and also show the full-size translucent green window where the app will end up. Sometimes this works correctly, most of the time it does not:

    1) Tee proxy windows and full-size green overlay are behind all open windows on my desktop so I can’t see them. Drag and drop becomes hit or miss unl;ess I’m dragging to an empty region on the desktop.

    2) Some apps – especially Quicken – trigger the overlay mode even simply while using the application and changing accounts.

    Other than these issues, this app is fantastic. I especially love that I can now define my own layout positions.
    My desktop: 43″ 4K center display flanked by 2 23″ HD (1080P) displays in portrait mode.



    1) This is a bug and may happen on Windows 10. I’m working to fix it in the next release of Mosaico. In the meantime you may try to close and re-open Mosaico as a workaround.
    2) This is due to how Mosaico tries to understand when a window is moving to trigger its overlay mode. Not all apps behave the same, so it may happen that the overlay is triggered at the wrong moment. Thank you for reporting this with Quicken, I will investigate on it and fix this problem asap.

    Thank you!



    1. I’ve encountered this same glitch. I have found that, with a small bit of practice, I can get a feel for the activation zones and have my windows autoplace exactly where I want them without the overlay. Perhaps it could be a configurable option to turn off the overlay?

    2. Excel is bad about this, as well

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