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    I am running the paid version of Mosaico

    Hardware Setup: Laptop connected to docking station. Two 4K TVs as monitors connected to the docking station. Intel Graphics card sees the “”monitors”” from left to right as 1(4k Tv) – 2(4k Tv) – 3(Laptop that is 4k as well). Windows see them left to right as 3 (4k Tv) – 2(4k Tv) – 1 (Laptop).

    Software Setup: I am running the paid version of Mosaico, I set up monitor 2 (same in both configurations) with 3 windows. I take a snapshot of it.

    1. Reboot then run Mosaico: Click restore. The windows (Chrome, Outllook, Windows File Manger) start up, but the windows don’t quite go back to their position, and not necessarily to their saved monitor (2 in this case). Once the apps are fully opened, I click restore a second time. They go to the correct monitor and correct position. Not that big of a deal.

    2. Monitors turn off after inactivity: Turn monitors back on and the windows will normally not be in the appropriate positions, but clicking restore puts them back to the correct monitor and correct position. Again, not that big of a deal.

    3. Turn off laptop; disconnect from hub; use laptop without hub never starting Mosaico, shut down laptop; reconnect to hub, turn on laptop: Run Mosaico; click restore; This time it does that same thing in number 1, but on the laptop screen. When I click restore again, it puts the screens in the proper position, but on the laptop screen (number 3 for Intel graphics, number 1 for Windows). This is not good at all. Now i have to rearrange the screens again on monitor number 2 and take a snapshot. Of course that will work until I disconnect the laptop again. And even stranger is that the image in Mosaico that it shows is correct. The middle monitor has the arranged screens.

    Any help on this would be great.



    This behaviour is due to a bug in monitor recognition management. As it is now, monitors are numbered as they turn on, which can lead to inconsistencies when Windows starts up. In the next update of Mosaico this will be fixed by managing monitors based on their actual positions. In the meantime, as a workaround, you may try to take different snapshots with the same windows positioned on different monitors. Sorry for any inconveniences, bye!


    Thanks for the update. Nice to know it is being worked on and I will see it soon.

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