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    I’m having a problem similar to maximusx. I’ve been using Mosaico with no issues for about a year. Now, within the last month or so, I regularly lose my saved layouts — they just disappear. No errors, no system crashes — they’re just gone. I’ve removed Mosaico and reinstalled from scratch, and tried some of the other suggestions in that thread. I’m about ready to give up. Sure, I could keep a backup of the layouts somewhere, but now I’m doing someone else’s work.

    Currently running v1.9.0.0 under Windows 10, v10.0.16299.


    Hi! Do you lose your snapshots after a reboot, or after you manually close and reopen Mosaico? It could be that Mosaico tries to save snapshots during system shoutdown, but it is somehow killed before being able to complete the saving, resulting in a corrupt snapshots file, hence the lost snapshots.
    I’m working to fix this issue. In the meantime you may try to close Mosaico manually and keep a backup of your snapshots for an easy recovery.


    It definitely doesn’t require a reboot. My best guess at this point is that putting the system to sleep, or possibly even just changing configurations (i.e. undocking the laptop, moving from single- to dual-monitor configurations) will do it. Either way, I was never seeing this previously. I don’t know precisely when this started happening, so it’s also possible that it coincided with a graphics driver update, an update to the Creators Edition of Windows 10 — hard to say.

    Is it possible to suspend automatic saving of snapshots. In other words, can I get the setups I want, save them, then disable any changes until I re-enable that? Or, maybe I should ask this question — other than when I specifically update a layout, when does Mosaico try to save the current layouts? That might help determine the source of the corruption.

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