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    I have been using the ‘free’ Mosaico version for a while now, off and on, but I keep having to disable it. IMHO there are two major issues with Mosaico that I hope the developer will resolve, which would make me buy the full version and use it continuously.
    1. I use it on a laptop, which is either use without an external monitor or with different external monitors of different resolutions in different places. Each time I switch monitor resolution, Mosaico seems to remember only the old monitor’s resolution, and all the layouts are fixed according to that. So when I try to put a window into a certain position, it still remember the last display size and resizes accordinly. Mosiaco needs to recognise when the display resolution changes, and alter the position of the window accordingly.
    2. When moving the windows with a mouse, or in my case with my fingers on the laptop touchscreen, you can use the mouse right-click or the Q key to prevent snapping. But when I have my laptop (Surface) in tablet mode and using my fingers, or using the trackpad on the keyboard, it’s really difficult to press this right mouse or Q key. Actually, in an ideal case for me, I’d like the option to work the other way around. Snapping should happen ONLY when a modifier key is pressed at the same time as moving, say for example pressing Q while moving the window or pressing something like Ctrl or Alt when moving the window without a mouse, or if there can be a special button or icon on the window which I can grab and move. I prefer this to snapping being the default action.
    Any thoughts?


    Hi! Thank you for trying Mosaico!
    1. Yes this is a known problem and it will be fixed in the next update (after current
    2. You can enable manual arrangement on the fly by deselecting its button (the pencil button) and pressing CTRL+ALT while dragging any windows. In the next releases anyways, there will be an option to make it available in this mode by mouse too.

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