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    Hello all,

    I have a pair of bluetooth headphones (in ear type) and a TV which as a usb socket,should I be able to pair the two together ? if so what else do I need to pair the 2 together ?.

    Please help.

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    This is a forum for Mosaico. It’s not a forum for anything other random thing that that you want help with and your litany of recent questions aren’t appropriate here.I hope you understand.

    For your Bluetooth question:
    You could plug a bluetooth adapter into your TV USB port, but it probably won’t work because the TV would need a driver for it, recognize it and steer the audio to it. You can check your TV’s manual; unless they specifically support this it won’t work.

    Instead, get an audio bluetooth adapter – one that connects to your TV using analog audio (RCA phono) connections or digital audio (Toslink optical). Again, check your TV manual to see what audio outputs it has. One problem you’ll have is with audio levels and switching audio. If the audio output that feeds the bluetooth adapter changes with the TV volume control (Variable), then you’ll need to go into the TV menus and turn off the TV speakers each time (a pain). If the volume doesn’t change (fixed) then the bluetooth headphones will need to have their own volume control, either on the headphone or one added inline between the TV and bluetooth adapter. THen you can simply turn down the TV’s speakers with the TV remote.

    Happy listening.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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