– Please try to deselect “Start with manual arrangement engaged” option in Settings -> General
– If some applications seem not to be responding to a snapshot restore, please try to press the restore button again. Snapshots restore has a timeout and if you have many windows it could expire.
– Slack and Spotify should work just fine. Please try to press “restore” again or run Mosaico as administrator and see if this solves the problem.
– Yes this is a bug. Unfortunately it’s not easy for Mosaico to understand which window is which for every application. It sees every window related to process “outlook.exe” as an instance of Outlook itself. I’ll try to extend the custom behaviors list to Outlook as well, thank you for reporting!
– Same problem as above. Maybe it could be useful to have an “exclusion list” with the apps to ignore when restoring a snapshot.
– That’s probably because Outlook instances are launched with command line parameters. In this case (if command lines are different) it’s easy to understand which window is which. However if you start Outlook manually (i.e. no command line parameters), Mosaico will interpret these as different instances you want to launch and will act consequently. This is something to tune up in the next releases.
– Custom layouts are coming in the next release! :)