A new version of Mosaico is available at 30% off!

A new version of Mosaico is available for download at http://www.soulidstudio.com/downloads/mosaico_setup.exe.

This new 1.6.0 version of our tiling window manager includes several improvements, new features suggested by Mosaico users -thank you!-, better performance and various bug fixes.

Among the others we have:

  • New layouts for windows
  • Hotkeys to browse and restore snapshots
  • New configurable hotkeys selectors
  • A “minimize to tray” button
  • Improved manual windows arrangement
  • Non blocking application exit
  • Improved compatibility
  • Better performance
  • Bug fixes

To celebrate this new version Mosaico will be available at the special discounted price of 13.95 USD! That’s 30% off regular price. This offer will end on April 14 so be quick!

If you already own a license you can upgrade for free. Just uninstall your current version, reboot your computer and install this new 1.6.0 version.

If you have already tried Mosaico in the past but your copy has expired, you can download this new version for an extended 14-days trial period!

Mosaico is also available on Valve’s digital store Steam! You can find it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/257650/

Enjoy your copy of Mosaico and please feel free to contact us info@soulidstudio.com.